Steering Parts

Steering Shafts - Front Steering Posts - Front Axles


Steering Shafts - Specify Model of Tractor
          Shaft from steering wheel to front steering post
_____________________________________________________________$ 12.00 each

Steering Shafts - A/C D21, JD LGT, S/M - Specify Model of Tractor
          Shaft from steering to front steering post
_________________________________________________________________________$ 15.00 each

Front Steering Posts - Specify Model of Tractor
           Tubular post from top of tractor to front wheels, includes steering arm, roll pins,
           washers and front axle
_____________________________________________________________$ 20.00 each

Front Axle
          For front post - Requires welding into post
______________________________________________________________$ 5.00 each

LGT Complete Front Axle Assembly
          Dome pushnuts not included for spindles, requires 2,
          Used on JD LGT
_________________________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each

Scale Models Wide Front Axle Assembly,
          Used on Scale Models Wide Front Tractors
_________________________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each (unavailable)

Scale Models Wide Front Mounting Bracket
         Used on Scale Models Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 20.00 each side 

Steering Shaft, 896-9528
          Shaft from steering wheel to tie rod on ERTL Wide Front Tracto
____________________________________________________________$ 12.00 each

Front Axle Support, 896-9527,

          Metal Support for plastic front axle on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
__________________________________________________________________________$ 6.00 each

Plastic Front Axle, Specify Color: Black-671-9192; Green-552-9192; Blue-344-9292
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
_________________________________________________________________________$ 17.00 each

Plastic Tie Rod, Specify Color: Black-671-9293; Green-552-9293; Blue-344-9293
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 17.00 each

Front Spindle Kit, Specify Color: Black-671-9294 & 95; Green-552-9294 & 95; Blue 344-9294 & 95
          Kit includes 2 Spindles; Left and Right
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
__________________________________________________________________________$ 25.00 set

Front Axle Pin
          Pin used to install front axle assembly; 
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
_____________________________________________________________$ 4.00 each


Plastic Wide Front Axle Assembly, Parts sold separately

Tired of replacing plastic steering parts......Check out our NEW Metal Replacement Wide Front Axle Assembly, See Bottom of Page

Steel Wide Front Axle Assembly, All steel; 
          Used on ERTL Plastic Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each

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