Here are some tips on identifying your Pedal Tractor. Feel free to give us a call for assistance.

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1. If Your Pedal Tractor was made after 1963, there will be a model number on most castings. Always check the casting between the pedal assembly and rear axle hub for a Model Number. Examples: DTC 65 (Deere Tractor Cycle 1965), Model 404 (IH 1066 or 1086), F 68 (Ford 1968)

2. Any pedal tractor manufactured prior to 1963 was made by the ESKA Company and will say only "Made in USA". Here are some tips on how to identify them:

a. Does you tractor have a shifter lever?
b. If so, does it have fuel caps on top of the hood?
c. If no shifter, a place for a rubber muffler or one cast in?
d. Is your steering shaft exposed?
e. What is written on your tires, front and rear?
f. Is the front steering axle on your tractor, narrow or wide?
g. What color is your tractor painted?
h. Any other distinguishing thing about the tractor?

3. Always feel free to call us at 304-790-7851. We will be glad to help you identify your pedal tractor.

Helpful Hints To Identify Your Pedal Tractor:
John Deere Model or Stock No. 520 is used to identify JD 30, JD 40, JD 50, JD 55 and Industrial JD 55. Usually a casting number of Model 520 is a 30, 40, or 50 Series and Stock #520 is usually the JD 55 or Industrial JD 55 Series.

D 63 or D 65 is a John Deere 20.

I 64 is a Farmall 806, International 856 or 1026.

Model 404 is an International 66 or 86 Series.

F 63 is a Ford 6000 Diesel.

F 65 is a Ford 6000 Commander.

F 68 is a Ford 8000, TW 20, TW 5 Blue, TW 5 Red or 8630.

Massey Ferguson Model No. 1100 is a 1st Series Decal, 
          2nd Series Decal, 390, 398 or an 8160.

A 64 is an Allis Chalmers 190XT, 200, 7080, 7045, 8070,
          Deutz 8070 or an Deutz 7145.

O 63 is an Oliver 1800, 1850, 1855 or an 1855 White. 
          All of these tractors have plastic grilles.

C 63 is a Case 30 Pleasure King.

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