Steering Parts

                                          Steering Shafts - Front Steering Posts - Front Axles


Steering Shafts - Specify Model of Tractor
          Shaft from steering wheel to front steering post
_____________________________________________________________$ 10.00 each

Front Steering Posts - Specify Model of Tractor
           Tubular post from top of tractor to front wheels, includes steering arm, roll pins,
           washers and front axle
_____________________________________________________________$ 20.00 each

Front Axle
          For front post - Requires welding into post
______________________________________________________________$ 3.00 each

LGT Complete Front Axle Assembly
          Dome pushnuts not included for spindles, requires 2,
          Used on JD LGT
_________________________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each

Scale Models Wide Front Axle Assembly,
          Used on Scale Models Wide Front Tractors
_________________________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each

Scale Models Wide Front Mounting Bracket
         Used on Scale Models Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 20.00 each 

Steering Shaft, 896-9528
          Shaft from steering wheel to tie rod on ERTL Wide Front Tracto
_____________________________________________________________$ 9.00 each

Tired of replacing plastic steering parts......Check out our NEW Metal Replacement Wide Front Axle Assembly, See Bottom of Page
Front Axle Support, 896-9527,

          Metal Support for plastic front axle on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
__________________________________________________________________________$ 6.00 each

Plastic Front Axle, Specify Color: Black-671-9192; Green-552-9192; Blue-344-9292
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
_________________________________________________________________________$ 14.00 each

Plastic Tie Rod, Specify Color: Black-671-9293; Green-552-9293; Blue-344-9293
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 14.00 each

Front Spindle Kit, Specify Color: Black-671-9294 & 95; Green-552-9294 & 95; Blue 344-9294 & 95
          Kit includes 2 Spindles; Left and Right
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
__________________________________________________________________________$ 25.00 set

Front Axle Pin
          Pin used to install front axle assembly; 
          Used on ERTL Wide Front Tractors
_____________________________________________________________$ 4.00 each


Plastic Wide Front Axle Assembly, Parts sold separately

Steel Wide Front Axle, All steel; 
          Used on ERTL Plastic Wide Front Tractors
____________________________________________________________$ 60.00 each